Pancreas/ Pancreatology

Pancreas is one of the principal chemists of the body that produce hormones exocrine and endocrine to aid in the digestion of food. It comprises distinctive types of pancreatic cells. The exocrine cells consist of acinar cells and the endocrine cells are present in clusters of cells called the islets of Langerhans. The Islets of Langerhans function with the help of pancreatic alpha, beta, delta and gamma cells. The gallbladder is a small sac-shaped organ below the liver, wherein the bile secreted by the liver is stored, before releasing into the intestine. Genetic screening studies have facilitated identify gene mutations that lead to pancreatic diseases and in identifying the changes in the pancreatic cells affected by diseases.

  • Exocrine pancreas
  • Endocrine pancreas
  • Enlarged pancreas
  • Overactive pancreas
  • Retroperitonial pancreas
  • Pancreas function
  • Pancreas atrophy
  • Pancreas histology
  • Adenocarcinoma of pancreas
  • Pancreatic and periampullary carcinoma
  • Innovation in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

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